Sunday, 21 October 2012

Bore da!!

Look at this product below and carry out a very quick product analysis.

I would like you to comment on the following points:
  • Material
  • Aesthetics
  • Target market 
  • What you think it is?
  • What it is used for?
Good luck-get blogging



  1. I think its called the Juicy salif?

  2. *Metal.
    *Shiny, like the aliens from war of the worlds.
    *Healthy adults.
    *It is a juicer.
    *It is used for collecting juice from fruits.

  3. The Designer is philippe Starck

  4. i think its made of stainless steal,the target market is middle age people. its called the juicy salif and it is used for juicing.

  5. I think that it is made out of Aluminium
    This product looks like a UFO (very abstarct)
    The target market would be aimed at adults which are intrested in juices.
    The product is a juicer
    You could use this for getting the juices out of the fruit.

  6. Cian Evangelos Mais26 October 2012 at 01:49

    I think the material used to make this product is silver. it looks like a war of the world tripod alien space ship.
    i think it is a decoration for the kitchen.i think it is used for
    gring out orange juice.

  7. it is called the juicy salif
    ithink this product in made of
    ithink that this product looks like an alian space ship
    i think the target market would be for people who like new and morden
    i think it is a juicer

  8. I think that the juicy salif is really cool, The material I think is a metal or plastic. I think it is a juicer and it is used for making orange/apple juice. I think the target market is for adults.

  9. 1.Ithink it is made of aluminium,
    2.I think it has been made to look like an alien spaceship,
    3.The target market would be for peole who want an easy but modern tool to make their homes more modern and more interesting,
    4.It is a juicy salif,
    5.It is used for making juice.

  10. I think this design is made out of alluminium, the design is extremely different to anyother juicer there it should stand out. I f feel its aimed at young adults that are interested in modern designs. Its a juicer that will be used to make juices from things such as fruits.

  11. I think the Juicy salif designed by Phillipe Starck was a brilliant idea and made from a type of metal, maybe aluminium. I think it looks good but would make it to a kitchen through these looks and not for the actual products reason. This is becuase even though it looks good, it is not very successful in my oppinion at 'juicing and orange.' It's idea (I think) is originally from the movie 'war of the world and the spike at the bottom of the design is used for juicing of the orange. This product is aimed at young adults or maybe older teenagers who are interested in modern design and want a classy looking kitchen.

  12. I think this product is made from stainless steal because it is light and affordable. I think this product is amied at men because they would think it looks different and special and most other people would'nt have one. It looks like something out of the film War Of The Worlds (alien).this is made to make juice from oranges,limes and lemons. I dont like this design beacause it is only used on certain fruit and Phillipe Stark should have made it useable for more of a variety.

  13. This product could be made out of chrome plating or aluminium.It is shiny, the legs look like crab legs. The body looks like some sort of spaceship. The target market are for anyone that cooks or squeeze juices out of fruits. I think it is a juice squeezer, I know that is called a juicy salif. I think this is a good product because it stands out in the market and look appealing.

  14. -metal, alluminium,.
    -shiny, looks like space rocket.
    -aimed at adults.
    -it's a juicer.
    -used to collect juice from fruits.

  15. This product is a juicer designed by Phillipe Stark. I agree with the others that it's probably made of aluminium or some other type of metal. I think its purpose is more to look good than to be a good juicer because if you wanted a good juicer you could probably buy an electric one for not much more as it is quite expensive. It does look good though and it is apparently based on war of the worlds. The juicer is aimed at young trendy adults who are interested in having designer items.

  16. This object is a citrus squeezer in aluminium casting and is mirror polished
    It is used for squeezing fruit by hand for the making of fruit Juices
    The designer, Philippe Starck who is known for his original and creative designs probably would have created this as a Centre piece for a modern kitchen
    It would be aimed at young people ar adults possiibly with a healthy and trendy lifestyle
    It looks like a alien spaceship from War of the Worlds

  17. It might be made from aluminium or it could be chrome plated. Its quite an obscure structure which makes it appealing and makes you look at it twice. I think it looks like a spaceship but I know its a juicer called a juicy salif, the target market are adults, nutritionists or anyone who likes freshly squeezed juices. Its used for making juice.

  18. i think its made from aluminium or stainless steel. its unusual and might be modelled on a space ship or UFO. I think the target market would be young modern people. i think this product is a fruit juicer because the name suggests what its use is. i like this product but it would have a limited market because it might not be everyone's cup of tea. But keeping healthy is becoming increasingly popular so this would help that whilst looking good at the same time.

  19. Observing Philippe Starcks juicy salif. I think that this is made out of aluminium, this is because aluminium is a very strong light metal and does not rust making it ideal to extract the juices from fruits. I think it could also be chrome plated to give it a shiny, eye catching appearance. I think that is abstract design compared to other juicers which gives it that more appealing look. I think it looks like some kind of spaceship or some kind of alien you would find on some kind of futuristic film. I think the target market would be young adults as it is a modern, shiny looking design and would suit any modern themed kitchens. I think it is a juicer but from my own perspective and views i think it is more for show than being an everyday juicer, as it does not seem to work as well as many other simpler designed juicers. It is used for extracting the juices's from fruits.

  20. this product is a juice salif made by Phillippe stark. it is made out of aluminium and has crome plating. it looks like an alien spaceshipand and has got crab like legs. its is used to collect juice from different fruits.this product is aimed at anyone who cooks or makes juices. i think its is a new unique idea and stands out in the market.

  21. i think this is made of aluminium because it is a light shiny material, and doesnt rust which is ideal for fruit juices. i think it looks like a space ship or UFO. i think the target market is young modern adults who want a healty lifestyle whilst maintaining an cool modern stylish look. As i have said it is a fruit juicer, it is used for extracting juices from fruits. i think it is a cool desing but i think it could be better if it was made from a chheaper material.

  22. 1. made of aluminium
    2. it looks like a modern peice of equiptment
    3. target market is for familys
    4. an organge juicer
    5. to get the content of an orange

  23. this is an juicer designed by phillipe stark. it may be made from aluminium but its made more to look good and do its job as a juicer, the target market is adults and i thinks is a great kitchen accessory